Cholila and Northern Los Alerces National Park

Cholila and the northern part of Los Alerces National Park are areas rich in natural beauty and exceptional fishing opportunities. Cholila, famous for having been home to the legendary outlaws Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, offers a variety of rivers and lakes ideal for fishing enthusiasts. Among the most notable bodies of water are the Carrileufu River, the Tigre River, and the Pedregoso Stream, as well as the Cholila, Lezana, and Mosquito lakes.

In the northern part of Los Alerces National Park, anglers can enjoy the abundance of rivers that offer unique experiences. The most notable include the Rivadavia River, the Arrayanes River, Doña Rosa’s Spring Creek, the Frey River, the Desaguadero River, and the Carrileufu River.

Lake Cholila

Lake Cholila is one of the largest and most well-known lakes in the region. It is famous for being home to the coveted landlocked salmon, which migrated to this area. Its main tributary is the Tigre River, whose milky waters are very productive for salmon fishing. The lake drains into the Carrileufu River, a beautiful watercourse ideal for floating down to Lake Rivadavia.

Lake Mosquito

Although small in size, Lake Mosquito is famous for its abundance of trout and its natural beauty. The lake’s clear, cold waters provide an ideal habitat for rainbow and brown trout. Fishing trips on Lake Mosquito are especially exciting due to the variety of techniques that can be employed, from surface fishing with dry flies to fishing with nymphs and streamers in deeper areas. The cliffs and reeds surrounding the lake add an additional challenge and make each catch even more rewarding.

Lake Lezana

Lake Lezana, smaller and more intimate, is a true hidden gem in Cholila. With its serene waters and pristine natural surroundings, this lake offers a peaceful and relaxing fishing experience. Here, rainbow and brown trout are abundant and are often found near the reeds and in deeper waters. Fishing in Lake Lezana is ideal for those seeking a quieter, less crowded environment.

Carrileufu River

The Carrileufu River is one of the main rivers in the area. It originates in Lake Cholila and flows south, emptying into Lake Rivadavia. It is known for its scenic beauty and crystal-clear waters, which are ideal for fly fishing. In the Carrileufu, anglers can catch rainbow and brown trout as well as the famous landlocked salmon. The average size of the fish ranges from 35 cm to 50 cm.

Rivadavia River

This is our favorite river. Although only 8 km long, it is incredibly beautiful and known by locals as “The University of Fishing” because mastering dry and nymph techniques is necessary to be truly successful here. We float it from Lake Rivadavia to Lake Verde. Fishing is a mix of dry fly, streamer, and nymph fishing. We fish from the boat at the headwaters and wade the productive pools downstream.

Doña Rosa's Spring Creek

Doña Rosa’s Spring Creek is a small, clear-water stream that offers a more intimate and technical fishing experience. This stream is known for its rainbow and brown trout, which are more difficult to catch due to the clear and calm waters. Fishing in the Spring Creek requires precision and subtlety, making this place a rewarding challenge for experienced anglers.

Frey River

The Frey River is another excellent fishing destination in Los Alerces National Park. This river flows from Lake Futalaufquen to the south and is known for its fast, clear waters. In the Frey River, rainbow, brown trout, and landlocked salmon can be found. Its rapids and deep pools offer a varied and exciting fishing experience, surrounded by impressive mountainous and forested landscapes.

Pedregoso Stream

The Pedregoso Stream is a smaller but equally significant tributary in the Cholila region. It is characterized by its fast current and rocky bed. This stream is also known for its good fishing, especially for rainbow and brown trout, although in smaller quantities than the Carrileufu and Tigre rivers. The landscape surrounding the Pedregoso Stream is equally attractive, with abundant vegetation and a sense of serenity that makes it perfect for those seeking a more intimate and less crowded experience.

Arrayanes River

The Arrayanes River is famous for its natural beauty and excellent fishing. This short river, approximately 6 km long, connects Lake Verde with Lake Futalaufquen and is known for its clear waters and surrounding arrayan forests, which give it its name. Species that can be caught include rainbow, brown, and brook trout. Fishing in this river is a unique experience due to the impressive surrounding flora and fauna, allowing anglers to catch beautiful specimens with dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.

Chubut River

From Cholila, we also fish the Chubut River. It is a small river, with a variable width between 5 and 10 meters, with clear waters, where pools and runs alternate. The banks are generally covered with willows, reeds, and tall grasses. Beyond the narrow river valley, the vastness of the Patagonian plateau is surprising. Float trips in the upper part can capture a large number of fish with dry and terrestrial flies. Generally, its banks are covered with willows, providing shelter and a food source for trout.

Lakes of Los Alerces National Park

Los Alerces National Park, with its interconnected system of rivers and lakes, offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Among the most notable fishing lakes are

Lake Rivadavia

Lake Rivadavia is known for its clear waters and excellent fishing. It is home to rainbow, brown, and brook trout. The reed-filled bays and cliffs around the lake provide a perfect fishing environment, offering anglers the chance to catch large specimens in a spectacular landscape.

Lake Verde

Lake Verde, as its name suggests, is famous for its emerald green waters. This lake offers a unique fishing experience, with abundant rainbow and brown trout. The reed-filled bays and rocky areas are the best places to find trout in Lake Verde.

Lake Krüger

Although smaller than Lake Futalaufquen, Lake Krüger is equally attractive to anglers. Its calm waters are surrounded by lush vegetation, making it an ideal spot for fishing rainbow and brown trout.

Lake Futalaufquen

Lake Futalaufquen is one of the largest lakes in the park. With its clear, deep waters, it is known for offering excellent opportunities for fishing rainbow and brown trout. The bays and reed-filled areas around the lake are perfect for finding trout, and the cliffs provide an impressive fishing environment.